AI Store

Similar to Amazon Go and Standard Cognition, we're building stores that allow you to checkout without going through a cashier - pay seamlessly just by walking out of the store.
Autonomous Minimarkets
UI & UX Product Development

AI Store Tech

Walk in to a store, pick up what you want, walk out. That's how easy this startup envisions the buying experience. Camera sensors keep track of the items that you pick up and you get charged as soon as you leave the store.

How we dealt with these challenges

To solve this problem the project was split into parts.

  • App
  • Admin Panel
  • Database and Backend
  • ML Model - Track the users through the store

Built on MERN and Python we are constantly improving the quality of the code. We start with a Progressive Web App that enables to get to market quick.

We have created the App and the backend system to train our ML model in a real world scenario and are positive that we can quickly emulate and eventually even beat the technology that the competition is bringing forward.

People are vying for stores that are open longer and menial cashier jobs are slowly dying. This is just another step of this demise which has only been accelerated in the last few months.

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