Legal Technology

We're building the Cleartax/Turbotax for Contracts and the law making it accessible not for just the elites who can afford ₹5000 per hour lawyers but the common folk who need their rights upheld.
UI & UX Product Design Development

Legal Tech

Imagine never having to read or understand a contract again. Just like Google translate can let you understand web pages and documents in another language, our system translates complex legalese into simple conversational English. Vice Versa as well - no longer do you have to spend a ton on a new lawyer to draft up contracts. At the same time, we cut down on minor mistakes and our best practice documents just keep getting better as our user base grows.

How we are dealing with these challenges

To solve this problem the project was split into parts.

  • Webapp - Customer facing
  • Admin
  • Database and Backend
  • AI Model - to translate legalese to English and vice versa

Built on MERN and Python we are constantly improving the quality of the code. We start with a React Web App that enables to get to market quick.

We are creating a portal that we are testing in house with our own team with regards to their own employment contracts which will give them clarity on their own contracts.

It's just a matter of time before low effort contract work is automated and AI models take over the task of the most basic lawyer.

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