Food Technology

We helped this foodtech go from a paper based system to a complete cloud setup.
Food tech startup
UI & UX MERN Stack Development

Food Tech

Disjoint systems and manual processes are how companies start but not how they scale. The lack of tech infrastructure coupled with no in-house expertise compounded operational failures. Lunch delivery targeting companies using a ghost kitchen to produce the food cuts down on complexity but requires end to end automation to challenge competitors like Lieferando, Ubereats. With no standard answer to their problem available, this startup was looking for a customised solution that would work seamlessly from kitchen operations all the way to a mobile app that customers can use to order their lunch.

How we dealt with these challenges

To solve this problem the project was split into parts.

  • Kitchen Management System
  • Admin Panel
  • E-commerce website
  • Android and iOS mobile App

Built on MERN we have a system that scales as our user base grows. React Native on the app allows us to build on Android and iOS without too much double work.

By focussing on the UX of how the users should order and creating a database as the single source of truth of all organisation information we were able to create and execute on a very efficient solution to the scaling problem that the startup faced.

As companies go back to the office, we're scaling the systems to handle tremendous user growth.

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